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Hell on earth...wait, shouldnt that be heaven, nope it's hell
written @ 2:34 p.m. on December 02, 2002

Hell on earth, is there such a place? All signs point to yes, and that I happen to be residing in that wonderful place. Woohoo.

You think a day cant get any worse, but of course it does. Today was the first day back after a week off of school that i didnt really get to enjoy, so that is one strike against this day. Turning the chicken in today proved to be a nerve wrecking task. i was so afraid that it was gonna break on the way to school. Anatomy, maybe anyway, was the best part of my day. Chicken anatomy test to take, which means if i want the curve i have to go to school at 6:15am. Oh buddy let me tell you i stories, Review, and watching brain surgery. Which when you sit next to Dom is most amusing. The segement disected definatly looked like cheese pizza without the cheese. Okay back on topic. I found out that the ASVAB test is tomorrow. OH BUT WAIT! I have an want to get up that early to take a test. So this rather fun day was incredible long and monotonous. But yet once again the award for the givers of a sucky day goes to people.

I have seriously lost all faith in the people of this world, not that i had much to begin with. I really like how people think that you start something when it isnt even possible because you havent talked to the person who spread it to the person invovled in almost a month. Oh yeah you gotta love it, because i never said that direct comment anyway. A concerned person came to me at the time and told her to look at her situation and consider all of the possiblities, but of course that some how turned into me saying what has become the rumor. It makes me so mad, i mean this person who told was my friend and i didnt tell her so that means that she dilerberatly lied. Argh. Like i said I give up on people. Bringing me to another topic on people.

I give up on trying to help and even being concerned about other people, and this time it isnt about people i may remotely care about and it isnt an impluse reaction it is for real. Sorry, but it has gotta be this way because i am sick of dealing with situations like the above mentioned where i tried to help. Whatever.

Maybe hell will even freeze over and things will get better. I am serisouly doubting that with the way the world looks today.